About me

photo (1)Hello ! Valentina Telien welcomes you on board.

Gastronomy is about my food experiments in the kitchen and my food experiences from travel and eating-out.

I’m a baking enthusiast. I have browsed recipes and baked cakes in the middle of the night ; half of which failed. But these failures are a blessing as it helps me come up with new recipes.

Tea aficionado. My dream house would be incomplete without a tea corner. Have secretly imagined owning a tea plantation.

I would love to run a cafe one day. Have already planned the decor  in my mind. Vintage + Retro. Any suggestions?

I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian and I relish the soft part of bones. I really do !

On certain days , I overeat and once in a while I fast. Give me any ingredient and I assure you I can turn it into something e-a-t-a-b-l-e.

Comments are highly appreciated. If your effort makes a worthwhile visit, do come again.



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