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I’m sharing with you the various teas that have accompanied my aloneness.

Mint tea: Bring the water to boil. Turn off the heat and put some fresh mint leaves. Leave it for a minute, uncovered.

The cool-mint effect works great for summer evenings. It relaxes you in and out.

tea 2

Cinnamon ginger tea: Boil a few tea leaves (I use Tata Gold).Put 2-3 cinnamon sticks, minced ginger or ginger powder. For strong smell, go for the minced one. After adding all that is needed, lower the heat and boil it for at least a minute. Strain and put sugar.


Lemon -grass tea. No tea leaves required. Simply boil some dried lemongrass. Add the lemon grass as to how much you want the tea to be strong. After the colour changes, add sugar and stir for few seconds. This tea tastes best with unrefined sugar.

Lemon ginger honey tea: Bring minced ginger to boil. Add tea leaves, preferably Tata Gold. Squeeze half the lemon into the tea. Strain and mix with honey.


Perhaps you are thinking if I’m accompanied then I am not alone. For me, there are three things that complete my aloneness – book, tea and quick bites. This aloneness is not about being lonely but spending time alone by connecting with my own thoughts.

Prepare any of the above tea ,I’m sure it will be a great accompaniment for you as well.