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It’s easy and quick. The recipe is more like how you would make chowmein but the taste is deliciously different.

What you’ll need: Maggi Masala, onion, oil, green chillies, and coriander.

How to cook:

1.Empty the Maggi packets and boil the noodles until soft. Put aside the taste-maker.

final edit maggi 1

2.  Wash the noodles in cold water and keep aside.

maggi 3

3. Cut onions and green chillies into small pieces.In a pan, take two teaspoons of oil (preferably refined oil) and saute the onions and chillies.

maggi 2

4. Now put the taste-maker, mix well and put the boiled noodles immediately. Be careful with the sauteed onions and chillies after putting the taste-maker as it can get burned easily.

5. Fry for about a minute and garnish with coriander leaves. Put salt only after tasting as the taste-maker is already salty.

maggi 4

For healthy eating, serve it with salads. When sandwiches and cakes become repetitive in your evening teas, this fried Maggi can make be a delicious substitute.

How I know this recipe: Call it neighbourhood sniffs. As I came home walking the stairs one day, I couldn’t resist the smell coming from my neighbour’s kitchen. So I knocked on her door with a cute smile. The smile had to be cute. I was just on time as she had just finished frying the Maggi.  I didn’t know it was Maggi. I had guessed it to be fritters because she makes them often.

Usually we invite each other for quick bites but that day I went uninvited and she was still warmth as usual. She not only served the Maggi but was also happy to let me have two cups of Masala Chai . So then I left with a big smile, only after I know the recipe . Aah lucky I am to have a foodie neighbour, ain’t I?

Any neighbourhood sniffs? Let’s try recipes.