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Aren’t we sometimes confused what to give as gifts? Each time we give the same gifts or we find them too common. We run out of ideas and asked others for some or even googled  “Unique Gift Ideas” only to find them too common. If not the cliched ones, we are suggested to go for personalized gifts. So be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivities, we all have been there; done that.

Now what can be a more personalized gift than gifting cookies that you have baked? You give your time, your own hands prepare the dough and you wrap the cookies; all with full of love. This whole effort is sure to make the heart melt.

Remember Diwali isn’t far away!

Thankfully for me, my friends love to eat the simple things that I bake and whenever I’m out of ideas for birthday gifts, I would bake a cake.

Last week I gifted a friend some vanilla custard powder cookies. Fed up of cakes, I baked cookies and chose vanilla flavour as it is her favourite. I also like the same flavour and my mouth watered while still kneading the dough.


I have taken the recipe from a blog which I have been following.

custard collage 1

Brown & Polson vanilla custard powder are easily available in local stores. Choose a flavour of the person’s choice to whom you are gifting the cookies.custard collage 3

custard collage 4

I simply followed the food blog’s way of pressing the fork on the round dough balls. You may just press it a bit with your fingers or try anything as long as you stick to the same size of the dough balls and flatten them a little.

custard collage 5

custard collage 6Wrapping is easy. You need a parchment paper (available in big departmental stores )  or a tissue paper to wrap the cookies in a cylindrical manner. Napkins will also do. Then a final wrap with a transparent plastic sheet (I got them from a stationery store) and stretch to the top to tie; first with a rubber band and then comes the ribbon.

Use printed sheets if you find the plain sheet dull. For creativity, you can paste beads, roll the ribbon over the body or use glitter pen for drawing. Less is more, so I chose the glittering ribbon which goes well with the plain plastic sheet.

So it’s not just the custard powder cookies but also your creative wrapping that will bring warmth to the person’s heart. And you know what; I had received a text from that friend asking me the recipe!

Thanks for dropping by. See you soon.