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This pasta is really quick and simple. It took me just ten minutes and it itched me to share it. I usually follow a recipe from cookbooks or blogs but today the brain helped. Hope you’ll like it.


Penne pasta boiled for 7-8 mins

1  tomato tossed in olive oil

Grilled for 3-4 minutes

Salt to taste

Grated Parmesan cheese

Toss and serve hot

Garnish with mint leaves (optional)

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The story behind : I got up really late today. It was already afternoon so instead of breakfast I tried to cook lunch. There was hardly any food in the fridge and to go out and buy vegetables under the heat was unimaginable for me. With a few tomatoes in the house , I then decided to make a pasta. Few days back, a friend , whose dad deals in cheese import business, had given me a block of Parmesan and I had not opened it yet. So I got cheese and tomatoes and it was Two To Tango !